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Welcome To WeSeekToServe


Messages on this site fall into three main categories as explained below. Please take a moment to explore them.

Panel Discussions
Masters and Off-Earth Allies share perspectives on the topic of the month and demonstrate diversity within unity. En Español en la medida de lo posible.
Focused Themes
Focued Themes offers synthesized information from published and unpublished channels combined with team members' individual expertise. 
Community of Masters
A guide to the Masters who contribute to discussions. Provides their current focus, favorite or significant past life and the discussions they have joined. 
Off-Earth Allies
A guide to individual Allies - their origin, their focus here on Earth and other information they wish to share so that we can get to know them. 
Open Forum
Our panelists have a great many messages they wish to share. On Open Forum they chose a topic and openly speak from the heart. 
Our panelists have channeled a series of Youtube videos on a variety of topics. They speak through members of our channeling team.  


Home of MasterSpeak Panel Discussions

We differ in perspective and yet we work together . . .
all speaking from a common core of steel – a braided core of steel.
We all speak from the same core truths, yet we express them in different ways.

Master Kuthumi


We seek to serve, we of the Community of Spiritual Masters, our allies of Earth, our allies off Earth, and the channel interface team who gives us a voice on this website.

Our Community has long been called the Spiritual Hierarchy, a term we are updating to better reflect our changing relationship with humanity. By either name, we are your elder brothers and sisters, spiritually elder, inasmuch as we have traveled down the spiritual path ahead of you. If you look over your shoulder, you will find those who come behind. Such is the continuity of soul progress.

Do we, who are elder, always agree with one another? The answer to that is both “yes” and “no.”

We agree on a set of core truths. We agree on the objectives laid out in the current Plan for the spiritual advancement of humanity. Only rarely do we all agree on the means of obtaining those objectives. Yet we reach consensus and we begin our work based on that consensus.

We speak to you through the efforts of the channel interface team. We each present our unique view on a given topic, thus offering you an example of diversity anchored within unquestioned and unquestionable unity.

Our objectives for this website are to inform, advise and encourage. It is you, not we, who will build the next civilization for humanity. The current civilization has run its course and a new civilization is emerging. This civilization is yours to build. We, your elder brothers and sisters, play the role of advisors, guides and sideline cheering section.

We hope our words will encourage each and every one of you to step up and step comfortably into the role you can, and will play in building a new civilization for the generations of humanity to follow.

You are the architects, the designers, the builders. And your time is now. The foundation is being laid. Let that foundation be built on a commitment to Oneness, a commitment to all that Oneness means in the decisions of your daily lives.

Welcome, friends, to WeSeekToServe.com.

Master Kuthumi

WeSeekToServe Messages

Guidance for action in today’s world

The WeSeekToServe panelists offer messages along a continuum that they divide into three categories.

  • Inspiration And Encouragement – information and support for both individual and group spiritual journeys

  • Growth And Awareness – perspectives for expanding consciousness personally as well as for groups of various sizes up to and including the entire human family

  • Challenges Facing The Human Family – acknowledgement of past, current and future situations as well as the action needed today ... clear, plain and urgent

These categories often intermingle. It is important that those who are on the light worker path understand each category and how the information within each category enhances their ability to be an effective worker in today’s chaotic environment.

Our panelists have made it clear that we are one human family. Each of us is irrevocably connected to an energy network that binds all 7 billion-plus of us together as one. This fact cannot be avoided or altered. The energy we emit daily impacts the harmony and the frequency of this network, a network that permeates our every environment. That is why panelists have warned us about the slippery slopes of frustration, anger, criticism and other low- frequency, disharmonious energies.

The panelists do not in any way imply that we should accept or tolerate actions that harm others. Quite the contrary. What they do advise is that we consider carefully and creatively the way in which we assess and respond to situations that spark frustration, anger and criticism. They encourage us to emit harmony, light and love into that network in whatever actions we take.

The objectives and challenges the WeSeekToServe panelists set before us are these:

Create sustainable repair to fractured relationships in your personal lives.

Please remember that a creative, sustainable repair does not equate to acceptance of harmful or violent situations. A fully sustainable repair might or might not include action on your part to reach out to the other parties involved. The repair might be contained within a profound change in your attitude toward yourself and the situation.

Seek creative, neutral or high-frequency light-love responses to difficult, even untenable situations.

Angry criticism simply increases the low-frequency, negative energy flowing through the human family’s network. Negativity creates additional disharmony or exacerbates existing disharmony. The result is a downward spiral. Please do everything you can to break that spiral.

The Panel Discussion The Importance Of Energies – From Personal To International (July 2014) and Sartarius’s Open Forum article Open Yourself To Discovery – Help Us Help Humanity (September 2014) are excellent references as you assess the power of energy as well as your personal power to effect change.

Conduct a daily review of the energy you have emitted into the human family’s connective network.

This energy can be anywhere on a continuum from high-frequency positive through centered neutrality to low-frequency negativity. Ask what part you have played this day in enriching or detracting from the harmony that circulates within the network that binds the human family together.

It is within your power to improve humanity’s outlook for the future ... because it is within your power to control the energy you emit into the network that binds the human family together. It is within your power to base your decisions, words, actions and responses on anger, righteous indignation and built-up frustration or to base your words and actions on creative neutrality and recognition of Oneness.

Helping humanity is that simple. Helping humanity is that challenging.

In light and service,
The team who brings you WeSeekToServe.com