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We differ in perspective and yet we work together . . .
all speaking from a common core of steel – a braided core of steel.
We all speak from the same core truths, yet we express them in different ways.

Master Kuthumi

From January 2012 to December 2017, ascended master teachers from on and off Earth dictated messages intended for lightworkers at all stages of consciousness expansion. A team of channels gave voice to these messages and published them on WeSeekToServe.com. In May of 2014, Spanish translations were added.

Most messages were in Panel Discussion format where each master teacher shared their view of an agreed upon monthly topic. Other messages were in Open Forum format where each teacher spoke on the topic of their choice.

Regardless of format, messages fall into one of three categories: Inspiration and Encouragement, Growth and Awareness or Challenges Facing the Human Family. Most of these messages are as valid today as they were when first published.

This site and its Spanish companion are dedicated to the preservation of the spiritual messages published from 2012 to 2017 and to sharing basic information about the ongoing teachings: the WSTS newsletter and the Ageless Wisdom Evolving series that introduces new teachings and updates prior teachings for 21st Century readers.  


Our Panelists have many messages that they wish to share

Master Teacher Bios – Plus!

Our Community has long been called the Spiritual Hierarchy, a term we are updating to better reflect our changing relationship with humanity. By either name, we are your elder brothers and sisters, spiritually elder, inasmuch as we have traveled down the spiritual path ahead of you. If you look over your shoulder, you will find those who come behind. Such is the continuity of soul progress.  – Master Kuthumi

Bios Plus! Teachers explain why a particular past life was important to them and/or share formative experiences. We can often identify with their stories, learn more about them and sometimes apply lessons they learned to our own lives.


WeSeekToServe Videos

Our panelists have channeled a series of Youtube videos on a variety of topics. They speak through members of our channeling team.

–The Team of WeSeekToServe

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