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Messages on this site fall into three main categories as explained below. Please take a moment to explore them.

Panel Discussions
Masters and Off-Earth Allies share perspectives on the topic of the month and demonstrate diversity within unity. En Español en la medida de lo posible.
Focused Themes
Focued Themes offers synthesized information from published and unpublished channels combined with team members' individual expertise. 
Community of Masters
A guide to the Masters who contribute to discussions. Provides their current focus, favorite or significant past life and the discussions they have joined. 
Off-Earth Allies
A guide to individual Allies - their origin, their focus here on Earth and other information they wish to share so that we can get to know them. 
Open Forum
Our panelists have a great many messages they wish to share. On Open Forum they chose a topic and openly speak from the heart. 
Our panelists have channeled a series of Youtube videos on a variety of topics. They speak through members of our channeling team.  


WeSeekToServe Messages

Panelists Explain Their Message Categories

Spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness are processes. These processes are integral to the evolution of the human family of Earth and every individual within the human family of Earth. These processes will not cease until such time as this universe reaches an end.

In support of these processes, so urgently important for the human family today, we who speak through WeSeekToServe wish to reach as many people as possible, we wish to support the spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness for the human family.

Just as not every incarnate individual is the same age chronologically, not everyone incarnate is the same age on their spiritual journey. It is for that reason that we focus our messages in three broad categories.

  • Inspiration And Encouragement – information and support for both individual and group spiritual journeys

  • Growth And Awareness – perspectives for expanding consciousness personally as well as for groups of various sizes, up to and including the entire human family

  • Challenges Facing The Human Family – acknowledgement of past, current and future situations as well as a statement of the action needed today ... clear, plain and urgent

First Category
The first category is personal inspiration – even comfort – inspiration and encouragement to continue the journey, to continue spiritual growth, to continue expanding your consciousness. Even the most advanced individual has moments when, for whatever reason, they would simply like to hear words of encouragement. So one level of message that we bring is inspiration and encouragement. These will, we hope, comfort and indeed inspire further action, further consciousness expansion, further growth.

Second Category
Another category of message we deliver is intended to increase awareness that will foster the growth process, that will foster expansion of consciousness. With these messages, we would introduce information for readers to ponder – facts, processes, relationships and interconnections that they might be unaware of or have a very foggy idea about. These messages basically offer new information that will enhance the expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth even if at first the content is strange or even unacceptable. Yet the information is there and can be meditated upon if not accepted at first.

Third Category
The final category, one that is particularly important at this time on planet Earth: the difficult challenges. This category forces the spotlight on to difficult and painful truths that face the human family now, that have faced the human family in the past, that bring up karma the human family has created for itself. This category points to the results of decisions that were made – or not made – and in general is uncomfortable because the information is unvarnished. These are the hard facts.

It is in facing these challenges and understanding them that action can be born to change the direction of the human family to a better course than the one you have followed and are following now.

Delving into these messages is like accepting, assessing and responding to realities that many find extremely difficult to face, realities that are most decidedly uncomfortable, realities that force uncomfortable change if indeed they are accepted, acknowledged and become unavoidable – truly unavoidable.

These are the challenges that there’s no easy way around. These are the challenges that must be taken up and dealt with, as unpleasant as that might be ... yet as rewarding as it will be to dig in and begin reclamation.

All Messages Are True
It is our intention to offer an opportunity for spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness by offering these different levels of messages. They are all true. Each message is true, each message is accurate, each message has a time when it is the right message for the reader. This must be remembered.

And it is our intention that sooner or later every reader will find satisfaction in one or another of these messages, for there is satisfaction in being inspired and encouraged in your spiritual journey and there is satisfaction in being made aware of information, facts or interweaving and connections and puzzles that you were unaware of before. And there can be satisfaction in openly acknowledging the brutal challenges facing the human family rather than ignoring them and hoping they go away.

This is our purpose in having various levels, various tones. It is the same rationale that we began with in bringing you a variety of speakers, for each speaker views each category in a different way.

All together in this mixture, we intend to reach a very broad audience and to connect with those who are at various stages in their spiritual journey.

Thank you.

The Venetian Master and Master Kuthumi