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About MasterSpeak

When asked what the Masters hoped to accomplish, Master Kuthumi reponded.

Taking a MasterSpeak topic and presenting different perspectives we feel will do two things:
– It will present a pattern for humanity’s own demonstration of “as above so below.”
– And secondly, our varied perspectives will sandpaper away some of the mystique of who we are and enable people to get to know us, and get to know how we view things as we comment, as we teach.

We Speak From The Same Core Truths
With MasterSpeak, we wish to enable people to see, in one place, that the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy work together and speak from the same core truths. Each of us has a different specialty. And though we differ in the way we might present something, we are One. We are, in consciousness, connected always.

Different Energies Working Together
The Panel Discussions will give readers, we hope, a chance to see and understand how the energies that comprise our universe are expressed differently and yet are the same. For we each come with different energies as our primary means of manifestation, of expression, of comfort. And yet, we work together.

We do not see the same things – and yet we work together. We take the same topic and have different views. We respect each other’s views. We find the common core of any given topic – and we work together.

Pattern For Humanity
One can, with any luck, take this pattern and apply it in the world in which they live day-to-day – in everything from music to religion and politics.

We would have people take this pattern and understand that there can be differences and harmony at the same time. We wish to present this unity, this diversity – a diversity that is based in unity.