When asked what the Master Teachers hoped to accomplish, Master Kuthumi responded.

Taking a MasterSpeak topic and presenting different perspectives we feel will do two things:
– It will present a pattern for humanity’s own demonstration of “as above so below.”
– And secondly, our varied perspectives will sandpaper away some of the mystique of who we are and enable people to get to know us, and get to know how we view things as we comment, as we teach.

We Speak From The Same Core Truths
With MasterSpeak, we wish to enable people to see, in one place, that the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy work together and speak from the same core truths. Each of us has a different specialty. And though we differ in the way we might present something, we are One. We are, in consciousness, connected always.

Different Energies Working Together
The Panel Discussions will give readers, we hope, a chance to see and understand how the energies that comprise our universe are expressed differently and yet are the same. For we each come with different energies as our primary means of manifestation, of expression, of comfort. And yet, we work together.

We do not see the same things – and yet we work together. We take the same topic and have different views. We respect each other’s views. We find the common core of any given topic – and we work together.

Pattern For Humanity
One can, with any luck, take this pattern and apply it in the world in which they live day-to-day – in everything from music to religion and politics. We would have people take this pattern and understand that there can be differences and harmony at the same time. We wish to present this unity, this diversity – a diversity that is based in unity.


The Community of Spiritual Masters and their Off-Earth Allies are picking up the pace as their expanded presence advances. They have many messages they wish to share with humanity – messages of introduction, explanation and guidance.

Just as their presence is expanding, so is their need for a variety of voices to bring those messages to you. No single channel can provide an adequate voice for the variety of energies these beings possess and the variety of information they offer. So we are evolving the WeSeekToServe channeling team.

A.L. (Allie) Underhill

A.L. (Allie) Underhill

Allie possesses an unusual gift for communication, a gift hers since birth. She interfaces with the Community of Spiritual Masters and our Off-Earth Allies on a daily basis, working skillfully and tirelessly behind the scenes. She is a Reiki Master and a healer who works with several modalities. She has a double degree in the arts and serves the plan for this planet from an artistic career in visual communications.

The Masters and our Off-Earth Allies convinced Allie to contribute her skills to both WeSeekToServe and ThoughtsFromAMaster because the importance of sharing their messages is rapidly increasing and her voice adds a dimension not otherwise available.



With a background in research, Aurelia started her working career as a librarian, later becoming active as a journalist and media specialist. Since childhood she has been keenly sensitive to the presence of the Masters and had a great longing for “home” among the stars when gazing up at the night sky. Relatively new to channeling outside her private circle of friends, Aurelia has benefitted greatly from and is most thankful for the skill and guidance of Sharon K Richards, the closeness of the WSTS channeling team, and the abiding love and encouragement from Upstairs since beginning this collaboration in January 2011. She serves as channel, production editor and webmaster liaison on the WeSeekToServe production team.

Callum MacLeod

Callum MacLeod

Callum is a gifted channel who has worked extensively with our Off-Earth Allies as well as the Community of Spiritual Masters. The Community and our Off-Earth Allies have selected him as one of new voices they wish to include in the WeSeekToServe and the ThoughtsFromAMaster channeling teams. Callum is a very private individual, who interfaces with both the Community of Spiritual Masters and our Off-Earth Allies daily. His focus and his decisions are based squarely on serving humanity.

Callum MacLeod is the pseudonym of Wilja C.G. Witcombe. At the request of the Masters, Wilja has authored Disclosures Of A Cross-Dimensional Bridge Builder. See “Sharing Our Experiences” below.

Mayra I. Flores

Mayra I. Flores

Mayra is an economist fluent in four languages, a Reiki Master, a practitioner of various healing modalities and a poet. Since childhood she has known that there was more to life and the Universe than what she had been told. Since 2003, she has helped others awaken to broader consciousness, opening paths for personal growth and awareness through meditation groups, Reiki attunements and various workshops. Once she accepted the fact that her next step was to offer the Master Teachers a voice for their messages, her skill developed rapidly. She has proven to be a gifted, multi-lingual channel serving both the master teachers and her fellows with the messages and guidance she delivers.

Mayra is our liaison with Upstairs for issue topics and Speaker-Voice pairings as well as coordinator for Spanish translations.

Sharon K. Richards

Sharon K. Richards

Sharon did not have a contract to channel in this incarnation, but when channeling developed as viable alternative, Master Yeshua guided her through intense training to develop her skills. She worked with Master Kuthumi as the physical-plane co-founder of WeSeekToServe. She is the teachers’ voice for the Ageless Wisdom Evolving series.

Sharon has published two books of spiritual poetry illustrated with her photo art, Word Songs from my soul, and Word Songs from my soul – II. Her journey into channeling is told in Voices for the Ascended Masters.

See “Sharing Our Experiences” below. Sharon’s website is SharonKRichards.com.

Wayne Stanford Peterson

Wayne Stanford Peterson

Wayne Stanford Peterson made his transition from this incarnation on April 20, 2017 at the age of 76. A former United States diplomat, gifted artist, lecturer and the author, Wayne attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

He began his career with the Peace Corps in Brazil where he developed self-empowerment processes that are still operative today, having fanned out far from their original source. After the Peace Corps, he joined the U.S. Diplomatic Service and has served in South America, Africa and Asia. For the final 12 years of his 32 years of U.S. government service, he served as a director of the Fulbright Scholarship Program administered by the Department of State. Throughout his career, Lord Maitreya contacted him in many extraordinary ways.

A popular speaker, Wayne never wavered in his service to Maitreya and the divine plan. He authored a book relating his experiences with the Masters: Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings. See “Sharing Our Experiences” below.

Wayne is sadly missed by many, but he has returned to the fold as it were and continues to work powerfully alongside Maitreya and other great spiritual teachers beyond the veil.


All members of the WeSeekToServe team share their knowledge and experiences with others. Sometimes, it is answering questions one-on-one and explaining what they have learned from their interactions with the Community of Master Teachers, our Off-Earth Allies and the Angelic-Deva Kingdom of Earth. Sometimes, they speak to larger audiences and share in group work to anchor Light on this planet.

Several members of the team have chosen to author books that share openly their personal inner-plane experiences with their Higher Selves as well as their experiences with the Community of Master Teachers and Off-Earth Allies.

We offer information about these books and invite you to explore as your curiosity leads.


Disclosures Of A Cross-Dimensional Bridge Builder, A Personal Journey Of Collaboration Through Time And Space With The Earth Advisers And Their Allies by Wilja C.G. Witcombe introduces the reader to the Community of Spiritual Masters and their Off-Earth Allies as well as representatives of the Angelic-Deva Kingdom, all of whom are offering to collaborate openly with humanity.

As a modern-day explorer, Ms. Witcombe shares her captivating personal journey, turning the reader into a travel companion who sees through her eyes, experiences new dimensions, builds unexpected bridges and makes unexpected friends. Readers are invited to use the energy techniques clearly described in this book, techniques that support the work of advanced, cross-dimensional beings whose objective is to assist the evolution of humanity’s consciousness.

Disclosures Of A Cross-Dimensional Bridge Builder is available on Amazon.com in paperback and e-book format.

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings, Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom by Wayne S. Peterson is essential reading for those who intuitively sense that there is more to life than what we might have imagined and those who want to explore their true identity as souls. This book delivers a powerful message about where we are as a human race, and what we can achieve if we choose to work with the Community of Spiritual Masters in making sharing, justice, cooperation and peace a reality.

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings is available on Amazon.com in paperback and e-book format.

Voices for the Ascended MastersMasters don’t view channeling the way we do by Sharon K. Richards offers a rare, inside look at how Masters select and train channels to be their voices and how the experience unfolded for Sharon. Once she agreed to channel for Master Yeshua, he led her through an intensive training course, aided by Mother Mary and Master Kuthumi. She invites their comments as she tells her story. Although her view of events and the Masters’ view of events often differ, the two perspectives weave into a colorful tapestry of commitment, hope and the unexpected.

Voices for the Ascended Masters is available on Amazon.com in paperback and e-book format.

Word Songs from my soul by Sharon K. Richards brings to print both gentle and thundering poems that emerged from soul contact during meditation. This poetry engages the reader’s heart, mind and soul, offering food for thought, comfort and occasional wry humor. A colorful variety of Ms. Richards’ photo art weaves the beauty and irony of this world with the word songs of her soul.

Word Songs from my soul is available on Amazon.com in paperback and e-book format.

Word Songs from my soul II by Sharon K. Richards brings to print the second of four books Sharon’s soul contracted to produce in this incarnation. Only one poem in the book was not soul inspired, and that came from her personal experiences. As with the first book, a colorful variety of Sharon’s photo art weaves the beauty and irony of this world with the word songs of her soul.

Word Songs from my soul II is available on Amazon.com in paperback and e-book format.