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Focused Themes

Focused Themes - 2018 and beyond 

New and Revised Teachings – Ageless Wisdom Evolving

Master Djwhal Khul, Master Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya and Master Morya have designed a series of tracts for the 21st century: Ageless Wisdom Evolving – Updated for the 21st Century

The purpose of this series is to present short, focused clarifications and revisions of their original 19th and 20th century teachings that provide readily accessible food for thought whether or not one is familiar with the original material. The presentations are short and focused so that each reader can pick and choose topics of current interest. 

These four master teachers are joined in this effort by the Cosmic Mentors, beings from off-Earth whose purpose is to provide a cosmic perspective that will enable us to harmonize the Ageless Wisdom teachings of Earth with teachings known throughout the rest of the cosmos. 

Master Djwhal Khul Actively Teaching Again
After nearly 100 years, Master Djwhal Khul is actively teaching again!  His first two books were published through Amazon on September 30 and October 1 in the United States. Each book is in paperback and e-book format. The first two books are Astral Plane Revisited and Initiations and Masters – Revised and Clarified. 

Astral Plane Revisited
Master Djwhal Khul not only explains how lightworkers of today can successfully leverage the astral plane, he explains why he introduced the astral plane and mediums with so many warnings some 90+ years ago. He describes how Masters today actively use the astral plane to their advantage as they guide and teach. 
The Cosmic Mentors show why the astral plane as humanity has used it simply does not exist beyond Earth – and what replaces it. 

Initiations and Masters – Revised and Clarified
In easily accessible language, Master Djwhal Khul clarifies the significance and number of initiations. (There are way more than the seven he spoke of originally!) He clarifies the role initiations play in the making of a Master and provides crisp insight on the responsibilities an Ascended Master assumes. 
The Cosmic Mentors explain how initiations and master teachers are viewed on other planets. They offer us consciousness-expansion guidance in clear terms. 

More to Come
Needless to say, our team is excited about publication of the first two books and we look forward to seeing future topics develop. The next book will be from Master Kuthumi. His topic is Reincarnation.


2014 Focused Themes

  • Update On The Emergence | Actualización en la emergencia +

    Update On The Emergence 

    Events in 2014 have affected Earth Advisors’ emergence plans. The emergence objective remains the same: Masters and Off-Earth Allies, speaking in their own names, working together, one team offering teachings, advice and guidance. But the route to that objective is ever changing as Earth Advisors respond to humanity’s decisions.

    November 2014 

    Actualización en la emergencia 

    Los sucesos del 2014 han afectado a los planes de Surgimiento de los Consejeros de la Tierra. El objetivo de este Surgimiento sigue siendo el mismo: Los Maestros y los Aliados de Fuera de la Tierra, hablando en su propio nombre, trabajando juntos, un solo equipo ofreciendo enseñanzas, consejos y guía. Pero la ruta a ese objetivo es siempre cambiante al responder los Consejeros de la Tierra a las decisiones de la Humanidad."

    Noviembre 2014 

  • The Question Of Animals: On Earth And Elsewhere | La Pregunta acerca de los animales: En la Tierra y en otros mundos +

    The Question Of Animals: On Earth And Elsewhere 

    Based on a reader’s question, panelists discuss the relationship between the human kingdom and the animal kingdom – both on Earth and other planets in the cosmos.

    June 2014 

    La Pregunta acerca de los animales: En la Tierra y en otros mundos  

    Basada en la pregunta de una lectora, los panelistas tartan la relación entre el Reino humano y el Reino animal - tanto en la Tierra como en otros planetas del Cosmos.

    Junio 2014 

  • The Emergence - Phase One +

    The Emergence - Phase One 

    This article provides an expanded definition of the emergence from the Earth Advisors, our elder brothers and sisters from the Community of Spiritual Masters and the Community of Off-Earth Allies. They focus on what they hope to accomplish in this first phase.

    April 2014 

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2013 Focused Themes

  • World Renaissance - A New Civilization In The Making +

    World Renaissance - A New Civilization In The Making 

    Our transition to a new civilization has begun - the World Renaissance is upon us. This can easily seem a time of endless chaos and trauma. The more we understand what is happening and where this is leading, the better equipped we are to cope with dramatic changes and to look forward rather than back.  

    October 2013 

  • World Renaissance - Groups And Leadership In The New Civilization +

    World Renaissance - Groups And Leadership In The New Civilization

    Groups and networked groups will be part of the foundation for the new civilization. Leadership tactics will change as we leave the age of the guru behind and rely on rotating leadership in sustainable organizations. 

    October 2013

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