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We differ in perspective and yet we work together . . .
all speaking from a common core of steel – a braided core of steel.
We all speak from the same core truths, yet we express them in different ways.

Master Kuthumi


We seek to serve, we of the Community of Spiritual Masters, our allies of Earth, our allies off Earth, and the channel interface team who gives us a voice on this website.

Our Community has long been called the Spiritual Hierarchy, a term we are updating to better reflect our changing relationship with humanity. By either name, we are your elder brothers and sisters, spiritually elder, inasmuch as we have traveled down the spiritual path ahead of you. If you look over your shoulder, you will find those who come behind. Such is the continuity of soul progress.

Do we, who are elder, always agree with one another? The answer to that is both “yes” and “no.”

We agree on a set of core truths. We agree on the objectives laid out in the current Plan for the spiritual advancement of humanity. Only rarely do we all agree on the means of obtaining those objectives. Yet we reach consensus and we begin our work based on that consensus.

We speak to you through the efforts of the channel interface team. We each present our unique view on a given topic, thus offering you an example of diversity anchored within unquestioned and unquestionable unity.

Our objectives for this website are to inform, advise and encourage. It is you, not we, who will build the next civilization for humanity. The current civilization has run its course and a new civilization is emerging. This civilization is yours to build. We, your elder brothers and sisters, play the role of advisors, guides and sideline cheering section.

We hope our words will encourage each and every one of you to step up and step comfortably into the role you can, and will play in building a new civilization for the generations of humanity to follow.

You are the architects, the designers, the builders. And your time is now. The foundation is being laid. Let that foundation be built on a commitment to Oneness, a commitment to all that Oneness means in the decisions of your daily lives.

Welcome, friends, to WeSeekToServe.com.

Master Kuthumi