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Join Us In Service

MasterSpeak Panel Discussions are unique. Masters and Off-Earth Allies openly working together to offer you guidance is unique. We feel we have something to offer of importance in the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Join Us In Supporting The Children Of The World 

We consider your willingness to join us in support of the world's children as a sign of respect between you and us, as a sign of our mutual commitment to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Our hope is in the children. We begin, now, the construction of the world we build anew, but the completion of the task lies with the children.

The charities to the right are those that we would support as a recognition of the partnership between us and the readers, a recognition of the Oneness that we are, and the growth of humanity through the spiritual awareness of the children.

Children who are not fed, children who are abused, children who have and are facing a deformity are not starting on a firm base for spiritual growth. So we would have that base established.

We each have individual charities that we support for various reasons, but we do agree, as we believe humanity will agree, on taking care of our children.

Thank you.

The Panelists of We Seek To Serve