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Off-Earth Allies

Click on individual graphics to learn more about their background, their purpose here on Earth and why they chose the graphic they did to represent them.  

Panelist Group
The Panelist Group is composed of all panelists. They merge and speak with a single voice. They oversee our websites and our FaceBook page. 
Anubis comes to Earth from Sirius. Yet for as long as his memory extends, he has been part of Earth culture, or at the fringe. 
Arctan is from M-17 - a federation of planets. He comes to help seed and nurture creative ideas, creative problem solving. 
Derisum is from Orion. His focus is culture and the fruitful interaction between cultures that develops the soul. 
Ken'u is from Lyra. He is head of the Stellar Council that works with planet Earth. Their focus is the evolution of humanity. 
Keymy'yana-ka is from an unnamed star cluster. She came to help stabilize energies that the Community of Masters requested from their Allies.  
Omstara comes from Cygnus. Her work here is balancing energies. She assists the Community in building progressive movements. 
Osiris is from Sirius. He comes to assist the Community in the education needed to prepare humanity for all the changes associated with Earth's increasing frequency. 
Philohstan is from Aquila. He is a philosopher who travels the galaxy. He shares the commonalities he discovers, helping each culture to recognize the Oneness of Creation.  
Sartarius represents several groups from the Pleiades. They come to help humanity advance to the next plan milestone and recognize what is ours by birthright and heritage. 
Sho if from the Pleiades and represents them on Earth's Stellar Council. He works with several groups of humans who are ready and willing to expand their consciousnes. 
Sirius Minor
Sirius Minor is from Sirius and is a member of Earth's Stellar Council. Sirius Minor works with the scientific community in search of developments that aid humanity's progress.