2013 Open Forum
Individuals in the spotlight

For the June, 2013 panel discussion, rather than each panelist offering a personal view of an agreed upon topic, they each chose their own topic. The potpourri was so popular with the teachers that the “Open Forum” category was introduced to augment panel discussions.

October – Master Hilarion, Master St. Germain, Sartarius

Master Teacher Hilarion – My Hope For Hallmarks Of Spiritual Progress

The safe release of advanced technology depends on demonstrated spiritual maturity not only in our day-to-day relationships, but also in lifestyle choices. New technology will be released to those who understand their role in serving humanity.

Master Teacher St. Germain – We Offer Our Services

Master St. Germain explains the vast view of interconnected decisions and world events that is available to the Community of Spiritual Masters. He then explains that they will offer to share their perspective as a service to us as we build a new civilization.

Reprinted in the January 2016 Panel Discussion: “We Come…By Request Only.

Master Teacher Sartarius – My Awakening To Oneness

Sartarius, from the Pleiades, shares the story of his personal awakening to Oneness. For him, the awakening came with his first assignment to Earth.

November – Philohstan, Master Serapis Bey, Lord Maitreya

Master Teacher Philohstan – We Are At Your Service

Philohstan reminds us that humanity must get into high gear to cross the coming threshold and offers coaching from our Off-Earth Allies to get us where we need to be to survive.

Master Teacher Serapis Bey – Your Vision Of Harmony Counts

Master Serapis Bey asks a fundamental question and proposes a visioning exercise: What would you change if you had the power to change something in any institution you can name, if you had the power to make any change for the benefit of all humanity?

Master Teacher Lord Maitreya – Words From My Heart

Maitreya discusses the nature of Oneness for humanity and gives further details on his coming emergence.

December – Master St. Germain, Lord Tabor, Philohstan, Anubis

Master Teacher St. Germain – Healing Relationships: Inclusiveness Is The Key

When you have inclusive unity, then you are on your way to dealing with fear and healing what needs to be healed, beginning with the people in the groups involved, be it government, the economy, the banking system or any other institution.

Master Teacher Lord Tabor – Becoming A Clear Filter For Love And Joy

When you have both joy and love flowing through you, you have an impact on the environment and that impact can be summed up in one word: healing. Put Creation into perspective by looking at the stars and let love and joy flow through this clear filter, healing you and healing those you contact.

Master Teacher Philohstan – The Assignment I Have Waited For

My long-term assignment was expanded recently inasmuch as I am now officially assigned to get first-hand experience of the transformational shift that has started. I am observing how parameter by parameter the old standard is coming down and I am amazed at many of my discoveries.

Master Teacher Anubis – A Step Toward Unity Is A Step Toward Oneness

A new adventure awaits humanity and those who trust enough to begin the steps to becoming a unit in group consciousness. This involves commitment, training, trust and transparency. Once you have a taste of group consciousness, which is a step toward unity and Oneness, you will simply not wish to turn back.