2014 Open Forum
Panelists speak from their hearts

For the June, 2013 panel discussion, rather than each panelist offering a personal view of an agreed upon topic, they each chose their own topic. The potpourri was so popular with the teachers that the “Open Forum” category was introduced to augment panel discussions.

February – Lord Tabor, Derisum, Sho

Master Teacher Lord Tabor – On Interconnected Worlds

Everything in this earthly realm and beyond is interconnected. Your world, our world, the animal world, the plant and mineral worlds, the vast universe are all joined.

Master Teacher Derisum – Ascension – Individual And Group

Countless humans have pursued the path of ascension for many an age, mostly quietly or in small groups. But the moment has arrived when mass ascension is timed to occur.

Master Teacher Sho – Working With Energy Environments

The greater amount of information more people have about socio-energy, the more influence that knowledge will have on behavioral patterns … and thus consciousness will expand.

March – Sirius Minor

Master Teacher Sirius Minor – The Emergence Partnership In Perspective

There has been some talk about waging a decisive and logical action to greet humanity in a public arena and let them decide for themselves what it is that is real and what we offer to them … Some may feel that to get this information out into the open and allow the cards to lay where they lay is the best step forward, but I beg to differ.

June – Panelists & Guest Angel

Panelists & Guest Angel – Animals: Earth And Elsewhere

Based on a reader’s question, panelists discuss the relationship between the human kingdom and the animal kingdom – both on Earth and other planets in the cosmos.

Contributing Panelists: Derisum, Master Djwhal Khul, Master Morya, Sartarius, Sho, Master Yeshua

September – Lada Nada, Sartarius, Sho, Ken’u, Maitreya

Master Teacher Lady Nada – Compassion Unites The Human Family

Compassion is not only an emotion, but also one of the most important “glues” cementing the human family. Compassion unites strangers, it makes people act from the heart, with passion, forgetting differences that might divide them if they stopped to think.

Master Teacher Sartarius – Open Yourself To Discovery – And Help Us Help Humanity

Discover the power you have to make changes. With all my heart, I want you to discover your power to emit light and love into the network that distributes energy to all of humanity.

Master Teacher Sho – Planetary Reunification – A Key To Survival

Reunification is a major concern for those of us who guide from the inner planes. We need to see reunification, or at least the willingness to unite in peace, in order to accommodate the next chapter of the divine plan for this planet.

Master Teacher Ken’u – Current World Affairs

As world events escalate, more and more people are asking the question “Why?” – Why does this happen? Why don’t heads of countries collaborate more intensively to save this planet? I offer you my perspective.

Master Teacher Lord Maitreya – We Can Help – If Ears Can Be Opened

Our hope is that we will reach your hearts, your innermost hearts where your souls reside. And those whose hearts we must reach first are indeed the ones who have the power to shape and change your direction, the power to move you out of the self-perpetuating rut.

October – Mother Mary, Master Hilarion, Lord Maitreya

Master Teacher Mother Mary – All We Ask Is That You Listen

“It is time that the human family of Earth begins to understand and practice the ramifications of being One. This must be done. There is no other choice if humanity is to move forward.”

Master Teacher Hilarion – The Technology Dance – It Takes Two

Master Hilarion explains how and why advances in technology must be paired with advancement of humanity’s consciousness. He gives us examples and calls the relationship between technology and consciousness “an intricate dance.”

Master Teacher Lord Maitreya – Thinking From The Heart Explained

A reader speaks for many of us when he asks the question: What does this really mean to think from the heart? Lord Maitreya and the Consciousness Expansion Leadership Team provide an excellent response.