2015 Open Forum
Speakers share personal thoughts

For the June, 2013 panel discussion, rather than each panelist offering a personal view of an agreed upon topic, they each chose their own topic. The potpourri was so popular with the teachers that the “Open Forum” category was introduced to augment panel discussions.

February – Master Morya

Master Teacher Morya – Now Is The Time For Better Choices

Master Morya frankly discusses humanity’s position today and the power of group work in collaboration with the Community of Masters to move us forward.

April – Mother Mary

Master Teacher Mother Mary – The Real Message In My Life As Mother Mary

Mother Mary speaks of how the real message in that well-known has been lost. She explains the value of that lost message and what she wants us to remember most.

June – Master Morya

Master Teacher Morya – Green Shoots

Master Morya offers an inescapably accurate view of the news media. He addresses our response to the news, what we need to look for and our need to look inward.