2016 Open Forum
Each panelist speaks to the times

In June of 2013, instead of each panelist offering a personal view of an agreed upon topic, panelists chose their own topic. The potpourri was so popular with the teachers that the “Open Forum” category was introduced to augment panel discussions.

January – Master Yeshua

Master Teacher Yeshua – Harvest 2015

Master Yeshua points out some difficult self-imposed choices humanity must now confront and offers heartfelt advice on how to reclaim and salvage our broken world.

July – Sho

Master Teacher Sho – A Matter Of Healing

Sho offers an introduction to variations on the “Cry for Help.” These variations were contributed by his colleagues in the hope that every reader will resonate with one or more of them. They all satisfy Source’s rules for authorizing intervention.

November – Sanat Kumara

Master Teacher Sanat Kumara – A Message For Lightworkers

Sanat Kumara, our planetary CEO so to speak, reports that a new cosmic note is being heard at the Shamballa level, high in the etheric planes, as the Global Network of Light expands.