Panel Discussions 2015
Humanity’s Expanding Consciousness

As this year unfolds, the human family’s awareness of life and dimensions beyond current science will expand. The fact of inescapable Oneness will slowly begin to penetrate worldviews.

January – Facing The Challenge Of Expanding Consciousness – Part 1

Panelists address the place of expanding consciousness, individually and collectively. They explain why this expansion of consciousness is necessary, how we can assist our own advancement and what can be done for and within the human family as well as for this planet once consciousness has actually expanded.

Panelists: Lord Maitreya, Master Kuthumi, Master Morya, Sirius Minor, Philohstan, Mother Mary

February – Facing The Challenge Of Expanding Consciousness – Part 2

Panelists continue exploration of consciousness and why expanding consciousness is humanity’s next step. We hear from Off-Earth Allies who, from birth, have experiences with consciousness that are different from ours.

Panelists: Arctan, Lady Nada, Sho, Master Yeshua, Lord Tabor, Ken’u

April – Willingness To Expand Consciousness

Panelists explore the vital role willingness plays in consciousness expansion. You will learn the importance of willingness and find suggestions for ways to expand your consciousness. You will also discover an easy way to assess your personal willingness to expand consciousness.

Panelists: Ken’u, Master Yeshua, Master Morya, Sirius Minor, Lord Maitreya, Sho

May – The Seed Of Fear – Your Greatest Enemy

Panelists explore the ancient seed of fear, its source and the role fear plays today as the frequency of Mother Earth rises. They offer seven different views and each view leaves you better informed. Underlying these messages, all panelists agree that the enemy is ancient, persistent … and can be overcome.

Panelists: Sanat Kumara, Master Yeshua, Master Hilarion, Master Kuthumi, Quan Yin, Sirius Minor, Lord Maitreya

June – The Joy Of Living In Awareness

Panelists offer various views as they discuss joy, its spiritual definition and spiritual source as well as the impact of joy on each individual’s environment. Sirius Minor speaks of his own culture and their long history of living in awareness.

Panelists: Master Hilarion, Master Morya, Venetian Master, Lady Nada, Quan Yin, Sirius Minor

September – Action vs Reaction Successful Evolution

Panelists offer various views on the relationship of awareness, action, and reaction in shaping the course of humanity’s spiritual growth and evolution.

Panelists: Omstara, Master Hilarion, Quan Yin, the Venetian Master, Ken’u, Master Yeshua

October – A Time For Compassion, A Time For Sharing, A Time To Learn

Panelists talk of compassion and sharing as the way forward out of the mounting refugee crisis and an opportunity for humanity to rediscover its destined path.

Panelists: Philohstan, Master Yeshua, Quan Yin, Lady Nada

December – Open-mindedness, Respect And Peaceful Co-existence

Our panelists exhort all sides in the mounting refugee crisis to make an effort to understand and respect one another in order to peacefully co-exist. The key to creating Unity in the one human family is to cultivate having an open mind.

Panelists: Sho, Master Kuthumi, Lady Nada, the Venetian Master, Omstara, Derisum