Panel Discussions 2016
Human Family’s Connection With The Masters

The 2016 focus is the human family’s connection with the Masters so that the help we need can be provided. They do know what that help is. Yet without our invitation, they risk violating our freewill. So the more of us who ask the Masters and Off-Earth Allies to specifically come and speak to the world’s decision-makers, the more powerful our united request becomes and the more the Masters and allies can step forward. Please take time to let them know we want their help in advising our decision-makers.

January – We Come…By Request Only

Panelists give us a glimpse of the help they can provide at this difficult time and spell out what we, the human family need to do to open the way for them to act.

Panelists: Master St. Germain (reprint), Sho, Master Morya, Maitreya, Mother Mary, Ken’u, Sartarius and a group of 25 Off-Earth Allies and one Master representing the Community of Masters who collectively provide an Addendum.

March – A Call to Action, An Urgent Request

Panelists issue an urgent request for WSTS readers to spread the word that a mass invitation is required for them to be able to step forward and guide us through the perilous evolutionary leap we are now facing.

Panelists: Omstara, Mother Mary, Derisum, Ken’u, Master Hilarion, Lord Maitreya

April – Working Together

Panelists give us a glimpse of the advantages of working together with our spiritual guides and allies at this difficult time and remind us that it is we, the human family, who must invite this collaboration before they can intercede.

Panelists: Lord Maitreya, Master Kuthumi, Sho, Philohstan, Mother Mary and Omstara

May – Shaking and Cleansing To Move Forward And Renew

This month’s panelists explain the link between the increasing negativity and violence in the world today and the purification process now occurring on Mother Earth and throughout all her kingdoms, including the human family. They go on to provide loving guidance for weathering this difficult period.

Panelists: The Panelist Group, Maitreya, Ken’u, Derisum, Kuthumi, Yeshua, and Quan Yin

July – The Futures That Await You

This month’s panelists report that light is growing stronger on Mother Earth as more and more of the human family awaken to the need for change and calling for it. They go on to offer further simple but powerful means that readers can adopt and share to help to further hasten the dispelling of darkness and the transition into the new time.

Panelists: Omstara, Philohstan, Yeshua, Derisum and Maitreya

September – Lightworkers Going Global

This month’s panelists present lightworkers everywhere with the vision and the possibility to join forces and create a single, unified Global Network of Light. They propose a simple and effective way to participate and go on to explain how this new collective approach might benefit the human family as a whole.

Panelists: Mother Mary, Morya, Maitreya and Sho (a collaborative effort), Morya, St. Germain, Tabor, Sirius Minor

October – Healing The World

This month, our panelists discuss their hopes and plans for using the Global Network of Light for healing Mother Earth and all of her kingdoms. They call on lightworkers everywhere to coalesce and foster this emerging network and they discuss changes needed in the behavior of the human family to save our planet.

Panelists: Omstara, Maitreya, Derisum, The Venetian, Hilarion, Arctan

November – New Consciousness, New Awareness

Noting already a slight but perceptible-to-them rise in frequency, not only in many lightworkers joining the new Global Network of Light but also amongst their surrounding families, friends and neighbors, our panelists this month are pleased to shed further light on the new consciousness and new awareness.

Panelists: Derisum, Maestro El Morya, Lady Nada, Sho, Lord Maitreya