Panel Discussions 2017
Expanding And Unifying The Global Network Of Light

“The focus for 2017 will be unification of global lightworkers. We will be working to bring together individuals and organizations who are willing to collaborate with us and with one another in order to bring more light into this planet and raise the frequency of the human family. Unifying lightworkers is a step toward our ability to influence decision-makers in every discipline.”

~Master Kuthumi and The Venetian Master for the Panelist Group

Spring – Planting The Seeds Of The New Earth

The Global Network of Light has been rapidly growing and is now ready, our panelists suggest, to receive new seeds of awareness that will take root in the lives and connections of lightworkers everywhere, leading ultimately to a new consciousness, a new life and a New World for all.

Panelists: Maitreya, Morya, Philohstan, Derisum, Mother Mary, Lady Nada

Summer – Communication Begins

In our Summer Issue, panelists discuss the importance of expanding communication between their side of the veil and ours. Their messages are bright with hope.

Panelists: Philohstan, Master Yeshua, Mother Mary, Sho, Sartarius

Fall – Communication Efforts Expand

Panelists speak of the continuing effort to establish closer collaboration with us as our frequency rises and the veil that separates us thins.

Panelists: Master Djwhal Khul, Philohstan, Lord Maitreya

Winter – New Beginnings

Panelists speak of transition and the adventure of evolving communication between them and us. There are no specifics, only objectives and the will to find ways as elder brothers and sisters within our human family to come closer to us, to encourage us in expanding our personal power and awareness.

Panelists: Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya, Venetian Master, Sartarius