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Community of Masters

Click on individual graphics to learn more about each one's current focus as well as their favorite or significant past life and a list of panel discussions they have joined. 

Panelist Group
The Panelist Group is composed of all panelists. They merge and speak with a single voice. They oversee our websites and our FaceBook page. 
Lady Nada
Lady Nada's focus is the healing of deep spiritual wounds, spiritual misdirection and schisms outside humanity's mainstream religions. 
Lord Maitreya
My purpose is to soften the scales that are on your eyes, soften the plugs that are in your ears ... all things that keep you from seeing and hearing and knowing.
Lord Tabor
Lord Tabor's focus is the ecology of mountains. He works with the mineral kingdom and with the devas who are the builders of mountains. 
Master Djwhal Khul
Master Djwhal Khul is a teacher of teachers. He focuses on delivering ancient wisdom core truths to anyone he can - truths that will one day be commonly accepted.
Master Hilarion
Master Hilarion focuses on building a bridge between humanity's moral maturity and the technology that is safe to release at that level of maturity. 
Master Kuthumi
Master Kuthumi's focus is humanity's spiritual progress, our understanding of soul continuity and the rhythm of Life Experience followed by Between Life, followed by Life. 
Master Morya
Master Morya's focus is opening eyes and reaching the wisdom of humanity's leaders so that they change what must change, dismantle what must go, and save what must be saved. 
Master Serapis Bey
Currently focused on guiding us, as painlessly as possible, from outdated institutions to those that create a sustainable environment for humanity's spiritual growth.
Master St. Germain
Master St. Germain's focus is healing that sustains physical, mental, emotional and spiritual so that the individual can respond to soul purpose and intention. 
Master Yeshua
Master Yeshua's focus is in the process of shifting. He will be working with both religious and non-religious groups who are able to support humanity's spiritual progress. 
Mother Mary
Mother Mary's current focus is building a basis for improving relationships through love, compassion and support for mothers and children -- all in the context of Oneness.
Ondru completed Earth lessons and moved on, but returned to aid us. He serves as liaison between Lord Maitreya and a great being called the Spirit of Peace.
Quan Yin
Quan Yin focuses on the patient, compassionate healing of relationships that have been long fractured. Her specialty is Earth's relationships with our space brethren. 
Sanat Kumara
My responsibility is to orchestrate, oversee and implement the plans for the spiritual evolution of this planet according to the divine plan of this cosmos. 
Unnamed Master
The Unnamed Master works with the Community of Masters, Off-Earth Allies and humanity's lightworkers to accomplish the expanded presence of Masters and Allies. 
Venetian Master
Venetian Master follows schools of thought -- economy, distribution of the Earth's resources and our educational systems -- all in an effort to guide us toward the new civilization.