We Seek To Serve Videos

Since April of 2012, the Master Teachers have maintained that they would be expanding their presence in the dense physical. They encouraged members of the channeling team to appear in public. Below you will find recordings of some of those appearances.

Lady Nada
Lady Nada answers: Why so few female Masters?

Lady Nada discusses the balance of divine feminine – divine masculine and Oneness. She answers the often asked question: Where are the ladies?

Lord Maitreya
Lord Maitreya – On Networked Groups

Lord Maitreya speaks of the imporant place networked groups with two-way bridges will play in the new civilization. (published May 2013)

Lord Maitreya
Lord Maitreya – Speaking through two voices

When Wayne and Sharon thought it would be useful to demonstrate one master teacher speaking through two different voices, Maitreya asked to speak. Lord Maitreya speaking through Wayne and Sharon.

Lord Maitreya
Lord Maitreya – What’s Coming In The Last Half Of 2013

Lord Maitreya speaks frankly of the challenges ahead. He offers guidance, advice and hope. As always, we are the ones who must be aware and do the work. (published August 2013)

Lord Tabor
Lord Tabor

Lord Tabor is one of the Spiritual Masters who is already externalized on the physical plane. He explains what it means to him and his work that the Masters are expanding their presence.

Master Kuthumi
Master Kuthumi

When Sharon K. Richards, one of our channel interface team, was invited to appear on a Virtual Light Broadcast, Master Kuthumi asked if he could bring a message through for the Virtual Light audience.

Mother Mary
Mother Mary – On Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Mother Mary brings through a powerful, heart-felt plea for balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and points out that we can start right where we live. (published June, 2013)

Osiris – My Teaching Mission

Osiris has committed to introduce information that is known to most human families throughout the galaxy – information new to the human family of Earth. He explains his objectives and his approach.

Panelist Group
The Panelist Group – Groups Of The Inner-Plane, A Pattern For Humanity’s New Civilization

The Panelist Group explains their mission. They discuss group work in general, as practiced on the inner planes, and offer us a pattern for the new civilization. (published July 2013)

Philoshstan – My Homeworld

Philohstan’s homeworld is in the constellation Aquila. In this video, he expands on his homeworld culture, commenting on both the differences and commonalities he finds here on Earth. Published on ThoughtsFromAMaster.com in April, 2013.

Sirius Minor
Sirius Minor – Culture On The Planets Of Sirius

Sirius Minor, offers insights into soul evolution as experienced on the planets of Sirius. The incoming soul’s resident group is vital for welcoming and nurturing. (published September 2013)

Unnamed Master
Unnamed Master – aka “The Master” Reveals His Work With Share International

The Unnamed Master reveals that he is “The Master” who has been working with Share International. In truth, we did not expect this statement! Yet the statement was made. As of May, 2013, Share International, in no way whatever, acknowledges the truth of this statement. We have common objectives with Share International. We work for the same Masters. In line with the clear call for networked groups made in the May, 2013 issue of WeSeekToServe, we hope that one day a “respect alliance” with Share International will be possible. Whether or not such an alliance is possible at this time, we wish to acknowledge the value of the work Share International has done for decades. We wish to state our respect for the dedication that work required, and to recognize the hope we share for humanity’s new civilization. (published on this site June, 2013)

Wayne Stanford Peterson
“The Master”

Wayne Peterson, one of our channel interface team, brings you the voice known as “The Master.” The Master has been working with Share International for many years and has a message for the Share International audience. This message, however, is enlightening for many, so we share it here.

Unnamed Master
The Unnamed Master – Explains Triads

The Unnamed Master reveals that he is a triad and tells us who the members of this triad are. He explains why the Masters work in triads and how those triads function.

Unnamed Master
The Unnamed Master

The Unnamed Master Serving Humanity is one of our guest speakers. He wished to speak about the expanding presence of the Masters and explain how we who are incarnate are needed to assist their plans.